Schematic Design

Our services during this phase will normally include schematic design details and outline specifications, to establish design criteria for façade works relevant to local regulations, practice and project requirements, and could include the following:

  • Structural, Thermal , Acoustic,  Longevity, Performance, Sustainability
  • Evaluate wind loads via local codes or wind tunnel test data to establish project design wind loads for purposes of design and document this as part of the performance specifications issued for tender
  • Assess requirements for thermal performance of locale and possible façade system implementation
  • Assess acoustic requirements and how this can be practically achieved in terms of materials, façade systems and inclusion within performance specifications
  • Value engineer facade systems taking into account architectural and performance intent
  • Review and provide advice on alternative façade systems in order to achieve architectural intent
  • Oversee and provide advice for Cost consideration of architectural façade scheme and technical feasibility
  • Assessment of materials and finishes
  • Glass Selection and thermal requirements of the project
  • Acoustic requirements and impact of façade system selection
  • List of products, Bill of quantity